Serving Families with Quality Dental Care

At Broad Smile Dental Center, we care about your oral health, and our mission is to provide complete family-oriented dental care. Our Griffith cosmetic dentists and TMJ specialists provide comprehensive dental health care for patients in Griffith, IN and surrounding areas. This is a licensed, insured, family owned and operated business where we practice family dentistry. Dr. Jason R. Schnepf is a licensed dental surgeon, and he works with each patient so they can achieve and maintain a beautiful smile with healthier gums and teeth.
Dr. Schnepf and his dental staff take the time necessary with our patients to explain their treatment options and inform them of additional preventative care. We want our patients to make informed decisions about the proper oral care.
Mature Women Smiling — Quality Dental Care in Griffith, IN
Couple Embracing  — Quality Dental Care in Griffith, IN
Happy Family  — Quality Dental Care in Griffith, IN

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At Broad Smile Dental Center, we accept most insurance. You only have one smile and we help you keep your beautiful smile. Call us today to schedule your appointment or for more information about our Griffith dental services.